Launch of the EU-ToxRisk Commercial Platform

The EU-ToxRisk Commercialisation Platform was launched at the EU-ToxRisk Stakeholder meeting in Egmond, the Netherlands on 12 February.

Launch of the EU-ToxRisk Commercial Platform for New Approach Methods (NAMs) in Safety Assessment

The EU-ToxRisk Commercial Platform was launched at the EU-ToxRisk Stakeholder meeting in Egmond, the Netherlands on 12 February. The founding group of partners presented different capabilities and services in integrated testing and assessment including a tiered approach starting with the best use of current data and in silico methods, modelling, read-across, and in vitro testing based on NAMs. Illustrated solutions included endocrine disruptor screening, liver and kidney investigative toxicology, and neurotoxicity screening. Presentations included:

  • Safety Assessment, Costanza Rovida, CAAT - Europe
  • In Silico Screening, Barry Hardy, Edelweiss Connect
  • High Throughput In Vitro Testing, Bart van der Burg, BDS
  • DILI High Content Screening, Bas ter Braak, DESI
  • Mechanistic investigations in 3D InSightâ„¢ Liver Microtissues, Monika Kijanska, InSphero
  • Renal Mitochondrial Toxicity and Phase I/II Metabolism, Paul Jennings, VU
  • Transporter Modelling (Phase III Metabolism), Gerhard Ecker, Phenaris 
  • Neurotoxicity Assessment, Andras Dinnyes, Biotalentum

Since the meeting, the COVID-19 situation has complicated many plans, but we are nevertheless now open to contact and virtual meetings on questions and problems to be solved and will be providing further interesting materials on services offered in the weeks to come. Webinars will be used to provide more detail on particular solutions, as exemplified by the upcoming webinar on transporter modelling presented by Gerhard Ecker. Our passion is solving industrial problems in Safety Assessment, small and large –  please contact us with your service request or to discuss how we and our partner group can solve a more difficult problem for you!

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