Maieutix Computational Biology and Molecular Dynamics Simulation services

Maieutix, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a consulting company specialized in Computational Biology and Molecular Dynamics Simulation services. With an interdisciplinary team, we provide in silico lab-free solutions for the screening and identification of molecules with pharmaceutical interest and support researchers and drug makers in their drug discovery journey. Maieutix uses a combination of a proprietary algorithm and commercially available software and databases to offer a full range of drug discovery services to its clients.

Activity Description

Based on the current knowledge, the average time to bring a molecule from the discovery phase through its launch on the market is 8-10 years (Torjesen, 2015) with an estimated cost for drug-makers of $2.6 billion (Di Masi et al., 2016).

Computer-assisted drug discovery has the potential to efficiently reduce the cost, the resources and the time needed for drug target identification (Mark S. et al. 2018) but requires investments in computational power, dedicated software and specialized scientists: investments that only big pharma companies or research centers can sustain. 

Intriguingly, the identification of novel drug targets is mainly a pioneering activity performed at academic level or by small biotech companies that often do not have the financial resources to invest in a “in-house” computational team. Therefore, there is a great need to bring innovative computational biology solutions to small and dynamic companies.Computational biology tools are currently able to reduce the time from bench to bedside for the development of new therapeutics.

Our mission at Maieutix is to empower small and middle-size biotech companies and drug makers with innovative technologies and to support the development of innovative project within the pharma environment.

Facilitating the access to novel technologies will boost the possibility to investigate different therapeutic areas and to facilitate the development of personalized therapeutic approaches.

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