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Scivera has changed the landscape for consumer product brands and their suppliers in search of safer chemistries for products and processes. The web-based software platform, SciveraLENS®, is used by dozens of global brands and hundreds of their supplier partners worldwide. SciveraLENS® is changing the way companies achieve sustainability, circularity, and make better products with safer chemicals.

Activity Description

Subscribers to SciveraLENS® use the platform for a wide range of safer and sustainable chemistry activities. Simple look-up of a chemical of interest by CAS Registry Number delivers instant results against over 400 regulatory, authoritative, and industry restricted substance lists (RSLs).

Users also have instant access to over 4,400 Verified Chemical Hazard Assessments (VCHAs) generated by Scivera's team of toxicologists. Users can screen and score potential formulations, as well as send requests to suppliers for deep toxicology insight on formulations while protecting supplier IP.

SciveraLENS® also supports a wide range of safer chemistry certification schemes, making that work efficient and cost-effective. 

Choose safer chemicals, create safer products with SciveraLENS®

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