Vertex Labs

US custom Artificial Intelligence and solutions provider.

The Vertex team’s expertise in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation and Data Science allows them to provide custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for clients, as opposed to off-the-shelf solutions. Vertex Labs is strengthened by its experience across many domains, allowing for concise value driven AI. While many Deep Learning methods typically only work with large data sets, Vertex Labs is particularly skilled in successfully applying those same methods to small data sets.

In the rush to build data lakes, most organisations have struggled to find meaningful ROI. While more data volume and access always helps, this trend has shifted focus away from data saliency and value towards tasks.

Vertex Labs AI Consulting Services allows organisations the opportunity to see what the best minds in AI have to say about their data and potential for Machine Learning growth, before making large investments. We prefer to show clients exactly what is possible, so they can make data-driven decisions in their AI journey.

Data Saliency Platform:
We are writing the new playbook for AI engagement. It starts with AI-tested data, it's proven with data-tested AI. We have revolutionised the industrial data science process by using proprietary Deep Learning models from the beginning. This allows us to look at your data through the evidence-based lens the whole way through.

We aren't interested in typical consulting reports. We first create a "Data Saliency Map":
- Each feature ranked in performance
- Visualization of dataset
- Data-Cost to performance forecast
- Project Roadmap

We are focused on producing and carrying "tangible assets" throughout the consulting process to ensure value is created and sustained from start to finish.

How do we start?
At Vertex, our diverse team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in both academic and commercial leadership, having lead data science and research groups at fortune 100 organizations. This unique combination is what makes our bespoke consulting process so easy to engage with, while maintaining the highest academic rigor. While we perform millions of experiments behind the scenes, you can be assured the presence and engagement of true leadership in applied life sciences. Reach out and see what your data can really do for you.

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