Product category: Data Services
Product code: SBX-Taxila

Taxila™ provides automatic context-aware aggregation and search of relevant information, driven by AI-powered mining and analytics engine for driving actionable insights with a intuitive user interface.

Taxila™ is a platform that aggregates the tons of data produced every day in natural text and converts it to actionable insights. In the pharma and toxicity space, the information relevant to essential workflows is captured from different sources of data - blogs, news channels, publications, PDFs, conferences, etc. Even when information is publicly available, it is humanly impossible to go through all these texts and get a high-level understanding to drive insights. Instead, the information comes into Taxila™, and the analysis and intelligence tools work on it. Taxila is a living system. It is not like a database. It’s not a single snapshot. Our systems look for new information published every single day. If you log in, you will get all the relevant information specific for your domain of interest published that day.

Taxila™ combines contextual aggregation, machine learning, and text analysis and contextual search – all packaged together as a platform. Taxila™ uses natural language processing to aggregate data to reach actionable insights. It offers visualisation to help you quickly search for context and understand it. It also lets you generate reports and share information with colleagues.

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Vendor: SBX Corporation (SBX)


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