Ocular tolerance - Het Cam

Product category: In vitro assays
Product code: IVTA-HC

Het Cam

Method for the evaluation of the ocular tolerance of the product

The hetcam assay was developed by Luepke N. P. and Kemper F. H. in Germany in the years 1986 ( and was listed as an official assay for the testing of finished cosmetics in the Journal Officiel de la Republique Francaise on the Journal Officiel du 26/12/1996. 

This assay relies as an assay system on the Chorio Allantoic Membrane (CAM) of the hen embryonated egg, at earlier times after fecondation (before the nervous system is functional)A

The CAM has similarities to the eye anatomy, with a vascular system that is readily exposed to the test compounds applied on it. 

The readouts are vascular dilatation, red cell extravasation, and protein coagulation. A classification rule combines the scoring of those 3 readouts and relates to a scale in matter of ocular irritancy of finished cosmetics. It has been performed as a GLP inspected assay by Eurosafe since 2005.

Assay completed in: 4 weeks.

Vendor: Eurosafe

210.00 EUR

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