Toxicogenomics data analysis - Advanced

Product category: Toxicogenomics
Product code: TGX-DA-A

SciLicium Toxicogenomics services aim at using transcriptomics data to address several challenges in toxicogenomics. After careful planning of exposure conditions, RNA extraction, and library preparation, the toxicogenomics data are pre-processed and used to identify the toxicogenomics signature, to perform functional analysis, and predict and prioritize potential adverse effects.

Basic, Standard, or Advanced, it is up to you to choose and customize the analysis that will suit your project. SciLicium’s experience in toxicogenomics data processing and analysis allows us to offer you various benefits on a wide range of technologies (DNA chips, RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, 5 'or 3' RNA-seq) to screen your compounds.

Advanced analysis

The “Advanced analysis” service corresponds to a deeper involvement of SciLicium into the exploration and interpretation of your results. 

SciLicium can then use a whole battery of exploratory statistical approaches on your toxicogenomics data:

  • Multivariate analysis (PCA, ACM, AFM)
  • Predictive toxicogenomics based on Machine Learning / Deep Learning approaches
  • Read-across multi-omics integration
  • Adverse outcome pathways determination
  • Benchmark dose

Vendor: SciLicium


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