Single Cell Transcriptome Analyses of HepaRG™ Cells using cellenONE Technology A comparison of spheroids vs 2D culture
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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 - 16:00 CET

Cellenion will present its solutions for single-cell analyses of 3D cellular models. Cellenion has developed cellenONE, a unique system able to both isolate single-cell with high accuracy and dispense nanoliters of reagents allowing miniaturization of sample preparation for OMICs studies.  The emergence of single-cell analyses has revolutionized Biology most notably in the field of Oncology. Making single-cell analyses affordable is critical to the deployment of these methods to other research fields.

In this webinar, we will present results from a comparative transcriptomic study on HepaRG  cells grown in traditional 2D monolayer versus 3D spheroids. This study demonstrates the power of single-cell analyses and confirms that HepaRG  cells grown as 3D spheroids show a more hepatic phenotype as compared to cells cultured in a 2D monolayer.

Speaker:  Guilhem Tourniaire

Guilhem Tourniaire undertook a doctorate in Chemical Biology under the supervision of Professor Mark Bradley at the University of Edinburgh. After graduating, Guilhem worked as a scientist at Smart Holograms (Cambridge) and Altrika (Sheffield). In 2013, he returned to France to take up a new challenge as a business developer for SCIENION AG, this assignment led to significant market growth and the creation of Cellenion in 2016, a SCIENION subsidiary based in Lyon, specialized in the fields of single-cell isolation and bioprinting.


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