PSEN1 mutant hiPSC-derived NPCs hiPSC

Product category: Cell lines
Product code: BIOT.101

Human NPC lines from familiar Alzheimer disease

PSEN1 mutant hiPSC-derived NPCs hiPSC reg. name: BIOTi001-A Alternative name: BIOT-7183-PSEN1

1.5 million cells from healthy and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patient-derived frozen NPCs are available for research use only (RUO) purposes. Price/cryovial is available upon request.

Since effective treatment is not currently available and the utility of animal models are far from perfect, our NPC lines for sporadic (sAD) and familiar (fAD) with PSEN1 mutant) patients can support our customer’s research needs by providing physiologically relevant human models.

ReferenceDonor dataKaryotypeAssociated disease
BIOT.10155 years-old female carrying heterozygous SNV in PSEN1 (Val89Leu) and 2 benign SNVs in PSEN2normal, diploid,
46, XX
Alzheimer’s disease (familiar)

Vendor: BioTalentum Ltd

1.5 mio cells / cryovial

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