hiPSC-derived NPCs from sporadic AD patients

Product category: Cell lines
Product code: BIOT.201

Human NPC lines from sporadic Alzheimer disease patient

1.5 million cells from sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patient-derived frozen NPCs are available for research use only (RUO) purposes. 

Differentiation protocol from NPCs towards neurons is provided to our customers.

Price/cryovial is available upon request.

ReferenceDonor dataKaryotypeAssociated disease
BIOT.20157 years-old female. No pathogenic
mutations were defined in PSEN1, PSEN2,
APP,  MAPT and GRN gene
normal, diploid,46, XX, without any detectable abnormalitiesAlzheimer’s disease (sporadic)

Vendor: BioTalentum Ltd

1.5 mio cells / cryovial

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