Sensitization Evaluation - SENS-IS

Product category: In vitro assays
Product code: SENS-IS

Sensitization evaluation - SENS-IS

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation, on a 3D model of reconstructed epidermis, of the sensitizing and / or irritant potential of an ingredient, by monitoring the expression of specific biomarkers

The Sens-is is an in vitro skin sensitisation assay originally developed by H. Groux as an alternative to the in vivo LLNA (Local Lymph Node Assay) and deployed at Eurosafe since 2016. 

The method relies on a reconstructed skin epidermis as the assay system and its readout is 61 genes measured by qPCR, those genes are classified in 3 sets of genes representative of irritation, of sensitization and of protection mechanisms against oxidative stress. 

The assay documents the Key Event number 2 in the AOP covering the skin sensitization. 

The results give rise to a skin sensitization hazard classification with potency information (sub-category 1A and 1B) which is useful in risk assessment.

Assay completed in: 9 weeks.

Vendor: Eurosafe

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6000.00 EUR

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